The art of Alexis Rotella , like her poetry, is sublime. I love the boldness of her artistic expression, coupled with that ‘just right’ touch of the surreal. Her ‘signature’ is unique, elegant, and always without compromise. I’ve had the pleasure of publishing Alexis’swork in Hedgerow, the art & poetry journal I edit, and the response from the readership has been overwhelming; ‘amazing’ the most commonly used word of praise. To which I can only nod in agreement. Thank you for creating your art Alexis, you light up this world with your artistic flair.
— Caroline Skanne, England
I have admired the haiku, senryu and tanka of Alexis Rotella since the 1980’s and more recently been amazed at her versatility to create beautiful works of her iPad. Her adaptations of photographs consistently brings out an essential spirit that reaches instantly into the indelible. Her art work originals are explorations at the edge of the subconscious connecting those senses of what we know and intuit with the chambers of the unknown. Quite literally her work is straight from heaven (or ‘heaven sent’).
— Tom Clausen, Ithaca, NY
Your art has always been magical and surreal, risky without losing the essence on the subject like your subtle shadings of spirit in the Lakota woman I bought. Colors of her earth and home. Wonderful and suggestive/intuitive.
— David LeCount, LaHonda, CA
Alexis Rotella transforms photographs. In each, is a reflection of the deep connection she has to the subject & the acute understanding of her relationship to the world She is an artist with ever changing style, passion & flair. Her work is visual poetry.
— Carrie Kopp, New York, NY
Alexis’ art arrived on glass ready to hang...and I am thrilled.
— Jeff Hanson, Iowa