My iPad Art is Getting Some Good Attention

Marc Chagall said he worked in the medium that liked him. iPad Art is definitely the medium that seemed to choose me.

Just recently Facebook’s FLOWERS ARE FABULOUS honored my macro Clover a Best nod.

A few days ago The App Whisperer site chose BELIEVE for its banner, Your Parts and Process bannered TIME TO MOVE.

Two of my portraits are included in a NEMImpossibleHumans You Tube video thanks to Andrea Bagiarini.

And last but not least, I’m excited about my upcoming one-woman show which will run throughout the month of July. Most of my featured work includes iPad art and the subject matter varies–traditional florals, portraits, quirky Annapolis houses and scenes as well as a bit of the surreal, e.g., people turning into animals including creatures from the deep blue sea.

Preparing for the show has been intense especially since the Muse doesn’t rest and makes it difficult to take care of details such as press releases, making sure the canvases, glass and metals the pieces are printed on are perfect.