My iPad Art is Getting Some Good Attention

Marc Chagall said he worked in the medium that liked him. iPad Art is definitely the medium that seemed to choose me.

Just recently Facebook’s FLOWERS ARE FABULOUS honored my macro Clover a Best nod.

A few days ago The App Whisperer site chose BELIEVE for its banner, Your Parts and Process bannered TIME TO MOVE.

Two of my portraits are included in a NEMImpossibleHumans You Tube video thanks to Andrea Bagiarini.

And last but not least, I’m excited about my upcoming one-woman show which will run throughout the month of July. Most of my featured work includes iPad art and the subject matter varies–traditional florals, portraits, quirky Annapolis houses and scenes as well as a bit of the surreal, e.g., people turning into animals including creatures from the deep blue sea.

Preparing for the show has been intense especially since the Muse doesn’t rest and makes it difficult to take care of details such as press releases, making sure the canvases, glass and metals the pieces are printed on are perfect.

Three of my Haiga Appear in Summer Issue of Modern Haiku

Really heart warming to have three of my older haiga chosen for one of the oldest haiku journals (Summer 2016). It’s always interesting to see what editors pick.

Appearing soon in Ribbons, a tanka journal, a tanka about my mother will be featured. Editor Dave Rice wrote a thoughtful piece on the poem and I added a few of my own words as well.

These days my primary focus is on iPad art–I seldom take the time to submit poems to journals and rarely enter contests.

Another Haiku Anthology Appears in the World

I am delighted to have some of my haiku appear in this trilingual anthology. A great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day....the corned beef and cabbage is in the slow cooker and the house sure smells ... I look forward to digging in right after my last patient of the day.

I've been posting some new florals to my Facebook album -- it's a short season for ranunculus -- managed to buy the last bunch at Trader Joe's the other day -- bright red ones which turned out so beautifully on my iPad Pro. Thanks heavens for TJ's where one can purchase lovely flowers for not much money.


Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

Something pried us out of the house Sunday afternoon--a message from the Muse saying "Get thee to Annapolis."  We arrived just as the St. Patrick's Day parade was ending. The bag pipers and drummers were scattered on the sidewalks prime for picture taking.

Wasn't expecting this photo to be included in an on-line exhibit but so honored. Wish I could get in touch with the drummer.

Check this out:

A lovely way to celebrate spring

A lovely way to celebrate spring – one of my haiku was a runner up for the Golden Triangle DC Haiku Contest. One hundred twenty five haiku will grace flower gardens in Washington. Congratulations to all the winners!

Read more about it here:

Another honor, Editor Caroline Skanne asked me to be a resident artist for her journal Hedgerow.

Feel free to take a look:

That nagging inner critic

So many people have told me it was a hard full moon this week. Snow moon in Virgo, the perfectionist. Some of those friends are artists who’ve been doing battle with the inner critic, artists who, in my opinion, are some of the greats, some who have also been my teachers.

That familiar nagging inner critic is never satisfied with anything we do and if we let it hang around too long we can wind up in bed under a mountain of quilts. My own inner critic who I’ve named Hellebore paid a visit, too. Interesting because at first I didn’t notice she was hanging around until I started comparing my art with that of others who were “way beyond me.” It wasn’t until I found myself saying under my breath, “I’ll never be as good.” That’s when I knew Hellebore had slipped through a crack in the door which I forgot to weather strip.

The more I started to think about the inner critic, the more I realized she is very much the trickster archetype who plays an important role in the life of just about anyone including the mother or father who think they aren’t doing or didn’t do a good job. It’s no use trying to reason with my Hellebore because she’s got my number. She gets me to the point of exasperation where I need to sweep her out of the house by transforming her stagnant energy into a flock of geese or a dance or a poem. I may just start to dust or vacuum and listen to a Webinar on creativity or cooking, anything to get the juices moving because where there’s juice, there’s art and Hellebore and art don’t mix.

One of my favorite quotes:

Comparison is the thief of joy.
— Teddy Roosevelt

Let me introduce myself

Digital art is my favorite way of expression (aside from the written word). I took to my iPad Air like a trout to a mountain stream. It’s been three years I’ve been creating art from photos, art drawn right on the screen and using a panoply of apps to achieve certain effects. For Christmas I got an iPad Pro along with the companion pencil and gotta say, what an invention! Every digital artist, I’m sure, considers Steve Jobs a saint.

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